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Outdoor Living Area

A slim profile television was installed above the fireplace with capability to control video from a Blu-Ray player and Satellite receiver remotely located in the living room of the home. We also added in-ceiling patio speakers for music in the outdoor living area. The Television, Video and Audio are conveniently controlled via a simple to use Control-4 remote control, or via a Control-4 iphone application. Owner also requested that we connect his turntable into the audio system so that he could play music from his large collection of vinyl albums. Additional features include multi-room music and a surround sound system for the interior living room of the home.

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Cell Phone Booster

This house was suffering from poor indoor cell phone signals, On a good day the owner was reporting getting maybe 1 bar of signal on their cell phones, callers complained of garbled voices and it was just near imposible for this owner to conduct business over a cell phone at home. Allied to the rescue! We installed a high quality cell phone signal booster system which included directional outdoor antennas professionally calibrated for the highest possibly signal. We also installed a signal amplifier and directional antenna within the home. The homeowner now consistantly gets 3 or 4 bars signal on their cell phones and are happy to report clear voices and no more dropped calls.

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Business Surveillance

Protecting your business from theft is paramount in todays world. We installed very high quality weatherproof outdoor cameras with "Color at night technology" This technology is incredible and provides camera images at night with very little light in Full Color. We also added a Digital Video Recorder and the capablity to control and view the cameras from the internet and from any mobile phone platform.

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Condo living with a touch of color

This project was a challenging retrofit to an existing condominium. The Owner is a technology enthusiast and requested many very unique features for his home. We outfitted his entire home with color changing LED lighting; he can literally change the color of any room at the touch of a button. We also incorporated LED wall washers in the ceiling to shower his walls with colored lighting. Multi-room music was a must, in-ceiling speakers in every room of the home including the large walk-in shower; as well as the ability to control his patio area shades, fireplace, door locks, security system and projection screen Television. We added a Mozaex Blu-ray video server so that he could select and play his large collection of movies from an on-screen menu to multiple television displays within his home. Being a music enthusiast as well, we installed a very unique set of Totem Wind Design speakers.

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Condo Living Night Shots

Here are some night pictures, showing the use of the LED color changing lights in the home creating a truly unique effect. With a touch of a button on the Control 4 interface the homeowner can select several different colors and effects for the lights in most every room in his home.

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Complete home remodel

The fireplace stone surround was designed around the specifications of the large slim profile television and it turned out beautifully. This home is a perfect example of the scalability of a Control 4 Automation system. We started out controlling the multi-room audio and surround sound system, than later added security system, lighting control, thermostats, garage door automation and finally electronic door locks in various stages over the last several years. The home was completely remodeled and the final product looks amazing.

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Motorized Shades

Energy saving secret

This was a great project where the owners benefit from significant cost savings for heating and cooling their home by utilizing window shades, particularly with the convenience of motorized shades. At the touch of a button they can control not only the amount of light entering the room at various times during the day, but also the amount of heat from sunlight coming into the room throughout the day. The shades can be programmed to automatically adjust up or down as needed throughout the day to maintain the required comfort level in the room. We have the ability to incorporate motorized shading into the Control-4 automation system for even greater flexibility and control.

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Multi-Room Audio

Sometimes keeping things simple is just right

This project involved providing an easy to use multi-room audio system with in-ceiling speakers in several rooms in the home. The home owner wanted to keep things simple, so we installed wall mounted rotary volume controls in the wall of all the rooms that had speakers installed. The speaker wiring was routed back to a central location and connected to a Marantz receiver to provide quality sound throughout the home. We also integrated the homeowner’s computer into the amplifier so that music could be played from Internet based music services. Simple to use, but very effective.